Evidence To Prove Authorities Changed & Falsified My Arrest Details

A few weeks after my arrest, a police officer Sgt Davies at Twickenham Police station stated that I was actually arrested for pirate DVD's and DVD's were seized from my property. I could not believe what I was hearing as my company was not selling any DVD's. I requested my duty solicitor's notes and they had also been amended from arrested for selling music CD's to DVD's. (Top tip - if you are unfortunate to be arrested and face questioning - never ever get a duty solicitor - they work for the police). 


As such, I wrote the Borough Commander for clarification as to what I was arrested for on 5th June 2006. On 31 August 2006, The Borough Commander of Richmond Upon Thames Police Forces confirmed in writing that I was arrested "following the execution of a search warrant looking for DVD's." (click here for exhibit)


To confirm that the Borough Commander had not made a mistake, I asked him to re-check my arrest details in which the Borough Commander responded "you were arrested in connection with an investigation into the pirating of DVD's that were found following the execution of a search warrant." (click here for exhibit)


The Borough Commander had now confirmed twice the investigation was into the pirating of DVD's. I could not believe what I was seeing and as such I asked the Borough Commander to confirm my arrest details for third time in which he replied "you were arrested following the execution of a search warrant issued pursuant to section 93 of Trade Marks Act 1994 as property was found that gave the officers reasonable grounds to believe than an offence had been committed under the said act and the arrest was necessary to pursue the investigation." (click here for exhibit)


All the Borough Commander needed to do was to check my custody record which would have confirmed that I was arrested for music CD's which were allegedly in breach of Copyright. Instead he tried to frame me for pirating of DVD's when my company was not even selling any DVDs. 


It's harrowing that the highest person in the police force in Richmond Borough, a person who is in a great position of trust, can not only change my arrest details but also tried to frame me for pirating of DVD's. 


A complaint was made by my mother to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir Ian Blair titled "Borough Commander trying to frame my son" and a few weeks after this complaint the Borough Commander left the Metropolitan Police and took early retirement.


If I did not have the evidence to conclusively prove the change of my arrest details, I am in no doubt that I would have framed and prosecuted for the pirating of DVD's. The Met Police are supposed to uphold the rule of law and not break the rule of law. A notice of publication (click here for exhibit) was sent to the Metropolitan Police to see if they have any issues or objections to this publication and to provide them with their right of reply. The Metropolitan Police chose not to respond. 

It is a straighforward matter to prove that the Police changed and falsified my arrest details in order to cover up the change of the search warrant and to attempt to frame me for pirating of DVD's. Prior to the search warrant changing from Copyright to Trade Marks, the evidence reveals that I was arrested in relation to CD's breaching Copyright: -  


  • The Police Intelligence Report states that “I was arrested for copyright offences at his home address.” (click here for exhibit)

  • PC Hardy’s Evidence & Actions Book confirms that I was arrested for “offering for sale and having possession of CD’s for purpose of a business in breach of copyright.” (click here for exhibit)

  • PC Hardy’s Police Log Book states “I am arresting you as I suspect that you are offering for sale and have possession for the purpose of a business CD’s which breach copyright legislation.” (click here for exhibit)

  • Sgt. Dan Turner’s Evidence & Actions Book confirms that I was arrested for “unauthorised sale of music CD’s – Copyright Act.” (click here for exhibit)

  • Sgt. Dan Turners Police Log Book states “At 0755 PC Hardy arrested Mr Sekhon for unauthorised sales of Copyrighted music CD’s.” (click here for exhibit)

  • The Police National Computer is the official record of serious arrestable offences. The Police National Computer printout confirms that on 5 June 2006, I was arrested for breach of Copyright. (click here for exhibit)

  • My Police Custody Record confirms that on 5 June 2006, I was arrested on suspicion of CD’s breaching Copyright. (click here for exhibit)

However, after the search warrant changed from Copyright to Trade Marks, my arrest details also suddenly changed overnight. I was no longer arrested for selling CD's which breach Copyright, the paperwork was now falsified to show that I was arrested for selling Pirate DVD's (which is a Trade Marks Act offence).

     A cover up by the British Government and Authorities   

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