Authorities Tried To Frame My Mother & I For Selling Counterfeit Clothing


On 5 June 2006, a few samples of clothing were seized from my property as the authorities wanted to test them for authenticity.


On 2 August 2006, I was informed by Richmond Trading Standards that the samples of clothing were tested and found to be counterfeit versions by Private Investigators Surelock International. A witness statement was provided from Surelock International Director Mr Ron Harrison who stated that my mother and I have both damaged G-Unit Clothing & Sean John Clothing by selling counterfeit versions of these brands. (click here for exhibit)


When I received the witness statement from Richmond Trading Standards, I was absolutely shocked to hear that the clothing which I had purchased in good faith was deemed to be counterfeit. I could not understand this as I had paid a fortune in purchasing the clothing from a highly reputable company on the West Coast of the USA called Club Urban, a company whose turnover is between $1million to $2.5million each year (circa 2006) and who are a member of the South Orange County Chambers of Commerce.


On the basis of the witness statement provided by Ron Harrison of Surelock International, I filed a complaint online to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) explaining that all the goods sold to me by Club Urban have been deemed counterfeit according to Surelock International, a Private Investigator's firm in the UK. (click here for exhibit)


The F.B.I. explained that they could not deal with the matter and referred it to the Orange County Police Department instead, the state police for the area that Club Urban operates from. The Orange County Police, inexplicably refused to deal with this matter. They explained that this was a civil matter only and as such they claimed that it was outside of their remit to investigate.(click here for exhibit


I thought that this was a ludricrous response and I asked the Orange Country Police if anyone sets up operations in Orange County selling counterfeit clothing to the public with a turnover between $1million to $2.5million a year, would it still be a civil matter only; however, the Orange County Police failed to respond to this letter.


Although Richmond Trading Standards claimed that the clothing was counterfeit, their actions were highly inconsistent as they left all this so-called counterfeit clothing at my property. As such, I had no choice but to test the clothing for authenticity.


I contacted the manufacturers G-Unit Clothing & Ecko Unlimited explaining that it has been claimed that Club Urban has sold me counterfeit fake version of their brands and asked if they could possibly check the clothing I have for authenticity. Clothing manufacturers usually spend millions of pounds/dollars a year on enforcing and removing fakes from the marketplace, on marketing and educatng the public about inferior versions of their brand.


However, it was totally bizarre that when I had contacted G-Unit Clothing & Ecko Unlimited asking them to test the authenticity of the clothing that Club Urban had sold to me, G-Unit & Ecko Unlimited did not seem concerned. They would not return my phone calls, nor respond to my e-mails for a period of six weeks. As soon as I stated by telephone that I was going to go public explaining that G-Unit USA do not care if one has counterfeit versions of their brand, G-Unit Vice President replied instantly by email stating that their sales rep Brooke would be in touch to provide us with an address to send the samples off for testing.


However, I was never provided with this address as Brooke never got in touch despite repeated requests from me.


Instead, the company I purchased the so-called counterfeit G-Unit Clothing from (Club Urban) wrote to me on G-Unit's behalf, offering a full refund for the clothing or proof that the clothing is authentic on condition that I stop making any further enquiries about the authenticity of the products and stop further contact with Club Urban, G-Unit Clothing & Ecko Unlimited about these matters. (click here for exhibit)


This was another strange request with the so-called counterfeiters Club Urban being contacted by the manufacturers G-Unit Clothing offering me a deal to stop any further enquiries on this matter.


If Club Urban were in fact counterfeiting G-Unit's Clothing, I find it hard to believe that G-Unit Clothing would contact Club Urban to offer me a deal to keep quiet. Surely, they would be working with the authorities to shut down Club Urban's entire operation instead?


As the manufacturers refused to test the clothing, the only way we could test the authenticity of the clothing was by seeing if the barcodes were working. We tested the barcodes and the clothing has full working barcodes which were created and issued by the manufacturer. 


When we knew that the clothing was genuine, my mother contacted Mr Ron Harrison of Surelock International on 29 September 2006 and explained that the clothing was genuine. In a taped telephone conversation, my mother asked Mr Ron Harrison to re-examine the clothing as a mistake has been made with his witness statement. However, shockingly, Mr Ron Harrison refused to do so and instead threatened my mother with "I'll see you in court."


When presented with all this evidence, Richmond Trading Standards eventually withdrew the witness statement and returned the samples of clothing that they claimed was counterfeit.


Summary of Evidence To Prove Authorities Tried To Frame Me & Even My Mother For Selling Counterfeit Clothing
  • Witness statement is false as the clothing is geniune and no clothing has ever been sold.

  • The clothing was brought from the one of the Official Distributors which is confirmed by the receipts.

  • The police were not concerned that the seller of this clothing had sold me so-called counterfeit versions.

  • The manufacturers were also not concerned that the seller of this clothing had sold me so-called counterfeit versions.

  • The manufacturers refused to test these so-called counterfeit versions for authenticity.

  • The manufacturers instead contact the seller to offer me a deal to stop further enquiries.

  • Trading Standards withdrew false witness statement.

  • Trading Standards left the so called counterfeit clothing in my possession.

  • Trading Standards returned samples of the so-called counterfeit clothing back to me.


If I did not have the evidence to conclusively prove that the clothing was genuine, I am in no doubt that my mother and I would have been framed and prosecuted for selling counterfeit clothing. A notice of publication was sent to London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Council (click here for exhibit& to Surelock International Private Investigators (click here for exhibit) to see if they have any issues or objections to this publication and to provide them with their right of reply. Both parties chose not to respond. 


     A cover up by the British Government and Authorities   

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