Judicial Review Completely Sabotaged By High Court

As a result of the Judge dismissing my appeal against the copyright convictions on the ground of voluntary absence when two medical reports conclusively prove the contrary, I lodged an application to the High Court seeking permission to appeal the copyright conviction by way of Judicial Review.  


The application set out that the conviction was unsafe due to fourteen fragrant breaches of the law which can be easily proven with hard physical evidence.  However, the High Court, who must be whiter than white, inexplicably refused permission to appeal by way of Judicial Review on the grounds that I should have raised the fourteen breaches of legislation at my appeal at Kingston Crown Court instead.


Even after I explained to the High Court Judge that I could not raise these matters at my appeal as I was seriously unwell and was unable to attend as supported by two independent medical reports, even then, the High Court Judge was not interested in hearing about the fourteen fragrant breaches of law. 


The Judge went to the extent of stating that he did not want to discuss the breaches of law and asked me to please stop referring to the breaches. The Judge's outcome was that he expected me to conduct my appeal by miraculously rising from my sick bed contrary to advice from two General Practioners. What is the point in submitting medical evidence to the Court, from one doctor, let alone two doctors', if it's not even taken into consideration? 


With just one breach of the law and people go to jail, yet fourteen clear instances of the law being broken and permission is inexplicably denied to further my claim. Serious criminal offences have been committed such as a falsification of a legal instrument (search warrant) and the High Court simply turns a blind eye and fails to even address the matter.


It is clear victimisation and discrimination from the High Court which can be easily demonstrated when comparing my claim to that of Football Manager Harry Redknapp. In Redknapp V Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, the Judge ruled that the search warrant was unlawful and awarded  damages to Mr and Mrs Redknapp based on a failure to comply with section 8(3) PACE. The failure to indicate the conditions which made the search necessary by failing to delete the inapplicable boxes in section 8(3) PACE on the application rendered the search warrant unlawful.


In my instance, the unlawfulness is plain to see as there is not even an application to support the falsified search warrant, let alone any boxes to delete on the application. Harry Redknapp won his claim based on a small breach of Section 8(3) of PACE and despite my claim containing breaches of Section (8)(3) of PACE and thirteen other clear breaches, I am shockingly denied permission to even apply for Judicial Review. How can this be possible, the law must be the same for everyone?


The High Court are supposed to uphold the rule of law. I can prove a deliberate miscarriage of justice and you take it to the High Court and they are simply not interested and do not want to hear it.

Court Of Appeal Processed Appeal Papers Which Were Not Even Mine

My appeal against the Trade Marks Act conviction has still not been heard over six years after it was submitted. This is due to the Court of Appeal submitting appeal papers which were not even mine. My appeal submitted on 10 November 2008 contained ten full grounds of appeal,  however, the Court of Appeal inexplicably processed an appeal on my behalf which did not even contain one full ground of appeal.


It is easy to prove that the appeal submitted by the Court of Appeal is not my appeal as it had not been authorised, verified or even signed by myself.


The Court of Appeal cannot accept, let alone rule on an appeal which bears no signature from the appellant when the appellant is representing himself. An appeal must be signed by the appellant when the appellant is unrepresented as this is a compulsory requirement.


It is a straightforward matter to prove that the appeal they processed is not my appeal as it does not even bear my signature.  


When I brought this to the Court of Appeal's attention that one of their case workers had acted unlawfully by processing an appeal that was not mine and that was not even signed by myself, the Court of Appeal simply ignored my letters and continued to process an appeal that they were fully aware was not even mine.


Her Majesty's Court Service state in their guidelines and procedures that they will respond to letters within 10 working days, however, over 2000 days later and I am still awaiting my response to my letters concerning my appeal.


My actual appeal would surely clear my name as it contained ten strong grounds detailing over 30 breaches in law which were all unprecedented, however, this matter being heard in Court, the Court of Appeal processed an appeal that they were fully aware was not even mine. 


I have patiently waited for over six years now for my appeal to be heard and every letter I write to the Court of Appeal regarding my appeal is completely ignored. As such, I have two convictions on my name, when legally I have not been tried as the proceedings are null and void in law. (exhibit) & (exhibit)


They have taken me through the Court's without any evidence, would not allow me to contest the committal as they had no evidence against me, tried me without my right to call witnesses, tried me without my right to case papers, tried me without my right to a lawyer, tried me with just 3 days notice for a trial and tried me when they had no jurisdiction to even try me. They refused to address these matters at my trials and they refused to address these matters by way of Judicial Review or by my appeal. 


These are the extreme lengths the Court's have gone to, in order to avoid clearing my name by processing an appeal that they were in full knowledge was not my appeal and was not even signed by myself. The Court of Appeal are supposed to uphold the rule of law and instead have broken the law in order to avoid this matter being heard in Court. 

Richmond Council Overcharged My Mother Around £4,000 Worth of Council Tax and Used "Anonymous Bailiff's" To Terrorize My MOther

Not only were the authorities breaking law after law against me, what’s worse is that they also targeted my mother as well.


Because my mother was supporting me throughout this entire ordeal, the authorities threw absolutely everything at my mother and as you will see, the authorities have absolutely no regard for the law.

Direct Line, Where's My MOther's Car?

Direct Line caught out red handed in a major plot to try and fleece my mother out of thousands of pounds. 

Land Registry Registered A Charge Against My Mother's Home Based On An Assumption - No Paperwork To Support The Charge

We are supposed to be living in a civilised lawful democratic society, governed by the rule of law, however, the Land Registry have effectively said to my mother that they are above the law and have demonstrated that they can do whatever they want.


The Land Registry have gone to the harrowing lengths of registering a charge against my mother’s home without any paperwork and evidence to support the charge...


My Mother Arrested At Adecco For A Piece of Paper

An unlawful arrest and a major cover up at one of world's most reputable recruitment agencies in the world - Adecco. 


My Local MP Vince Cable Tells My Mother & I To Live with it

What can you do when you write to your local MP explaining that the authorities have broken over 40 laws, have made a mockery of the justice system and the rule of law and have done a targeted operation against my mother & I and your local MP just ignores all your correspondence over the course of seven years?

And when you turn up to his surgery, he says he is unable to help and shockingly states that we just have to live with it. 


Desperate Attempt To Frame Me For Mobile Phone Fraud?

What can one do when one independent company is steadfast in maintaining that you ordered goods and another independent company is claiming that you received the goods, when in fact you did not order any goods and you did not receive any goods. 


We Really Need Your Help!

My name is Mr R Sekhon and I live in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.


My mother and I really need your help in getting justice. The authorities have done everything in their power to stop the public from hearing about this matter as they know without the public's help there is nothing that we can do about this. 


In order to sweep this matter under the carpet so it doesn't reach the light of day, they have stopped us from using due process and have repeatedly tried to frame my mother and I. 


No one in the UK, in this day and age should be mistreated to such an extent where the authorities are allowed to break over 40 laws and will not stop breaking the law until they get one man and his mother. The law has to be the same for everyone, however, in this case, as you have seen, we have not been afforded any protection of law and have not been afforded our human rights. For example, even terrorists and murderers are afforded more rights and protection than my mother and I have been given and all I have done is sell the exact same CD's as Woolworths, Tesco's, HMV, Play.com, CD Wow and more and all my mother has done is to stand up for her son. 


With the public's help and support, the authorities will have to answer to this matter much like they had to answer to the Jimmy Savile's abuse cover up, the Phone Hacking scandal, The Hillsborough disaster cover up, the Rotherham child abuse scandal, MP's expenses scandal and many more. 


Once there is a public outcry, the Government always explains to the public that lessons have been learnt, however my mother and I are living proof that lessons have not been learnt. 


I have sent numerous letters and reports to The Prime Minister Mr David Cameron, to the Home Secretary Mrs Theresa May, to my Local MP and Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable, and to the Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard's Commissioner Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe and although I have evidence to prove one of the biggest cover ups of all time involving numerous government agencies and private corporations, they are all unable to intervene. 


We really need your help and support in order to raise awareness for a full investigation on how this matter has been allowed to continue for so many years when it has been brought to so many high profile officials attention on so many occasions. I believe that the reason why this is a free country is because of the Great British public. 


I believe the publics purse should no longer be wasted on trying to get two innocent members of the public. Since 2006 tax payers money has been wasted on this and if you believe that your money should no longer be spent on this matter, I would be most grateful if you can help in any of the following ways: - 


1. Share this on Social Networking sites to raise awareness 


We need your help to raise awareness as the more people who hear about this case, the quicker justice will be done, and the quicker the authorities will be made accountable for their actions. I would be most grateful if you could raise awareness of this website by sharing it with your friends and family. Thank you. 

2. E-mail Prime Minister Mr David Cameron for an inquiry into this matter


Mr Cameron stated on TV that if any evidence of criminality involving the police force, the courts or any government office are brought to his attention he would most certainly look into it and order an inquiry if appropriate. Mr Cameron also stated on TV that if the evidence is not brought to his attention, then of course he is powerless to do anything about it. 


When I write to Mr David Cameron to request an investigation into this cover up and to put a stop the authorities continually trying to frame my mother and I, Mr David Cameron is unable to intervene into this matter. I believe it will be a different story if other members of the British Public write to Mr David Cameron requesting an inquiry into this. I would most grateful if you could help by emailing the Prime Minister on privateoffice@no10.x.gsi.gov.uk and copying myself into this email lettheirbejustice@gmail.com. Many thanks. 



3. Sign a petition to request an inquiry into this matter 


Please could you show your support by signing this petition as without the public's help, it appears that the authorities are unaccountable for their actions and have a free reign to do whatever they like. 

4. Can You Help Me To Obtain A Good Lawyer?

Dr Vincent Cable explained that he could not help me unless I obtained a good lawyer and he stated that "good lawyers cost a lot of money". 


If you would like to donate to my legal fund to help me to get a good lawyer, it would be much appreciated as this should never have happened to my mother and I and this must never happen to anyone else. The law is the law and the law must be the same for everyone. 


Please note, that everything on this website can be proven with hard physical evidence. 


The vital evidence has been uploaded, however, if you would like to see any more evidence, or if you have any queries relating to anything, please do not hesitate to contact me on: - 


e-mail - lettheirbejustice@gmail.com



Twitter- @lettheirbejust



Furthermore, every party mentioned on this website has been contacted prior to publication to see if they take issue with any part of the publication. Only Tesco's, Russell Cooke Solicitors and Hertfordshire Trading Standards provided a courtesy of a response, and not one party took any issue with any part of the publication. 


And lastly, I have never received a courtesy of a response from any newspaper or media outlet. 


Thank you for your help and support in this matter. And thank you for taking the time to read it. I wish you well. (note: everything on this website is accurate as at 19th April 2016)

     A cover up by the British Government and Authorities   

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