As my local MP Dr Vincent Cable did not respond to any of my letters or emails sent to him over the past 7 years, on 5 July 2013, I visited his surgery with my mother to request for him to take this matter to Prime Minister David Cameron for a full inquiry. I asked Dr. Vincent Cable why I have never received a response to any of my letters sent to him in the past 7 years and in response Dr. Vincent Cable’s assistant  explained that they have not received any of my correspondence as it must have been received in their junk mail inbox which never gets checked. When my mother explained that she personally hand delivered several letters to Dr. Vincent Cable’s secretary and has a receipt stating received for each letter, then there was no explanation provided by Dr. Vincent Cable or his assistant as to why all my letters have been ignored in the past 7 years.


I went to see Dr Vincent Cable to ask Dr Vincent Cable as my MP for his urgent help and intervention in this situation as the authorities have been relentlessly attacking my mother and I for the past 7 years with no consideration of the rule of law and our human rights. However, it appeared that Dr Vincent Cable provided excuse after excuse as to why he could not help my mother and I.


Dr Vincent Cable first explained that he could not take this matter to Mr David Cameron as the Prime Minister would not be interested in cover ups and would not be able to do anything about it. I could not believe what I was hearing as Mr Cameron stated on TV that if any evidence of criminality involving the police force, the courts or any government office are brought to his attention he would most certainly look into it and order an inquiry if appropriate. Mr Cameron also  stated on TV that if the evidence is not brought to his attention, then of course he is powerless to do anything about it.


However, Dr Vincent Cable refused to take my report providing evidence to prove that the authorities have broken over 40 laws in order to try and get one man and his mother to Mr David Cameron for a full inquiry. Dr Vincent Cable  justified his actions by making it explicitly clear that if this cover up involved just one party, he would be prepared to hand the report to the Prime Minister but as it is so big and involves numerous parties he doesn’t believe the Prime Minister can do anything about it.


I cannot understand this logic that the bigger the cover up, the less interested Lib Dem Vince Cable is in handing the report and evidence to Mr David Cameron, surely, it should be the other way round? For  example, a small cover up involving one or two parties, you would not consider to be high priority and as such should not raised to the Prime Minister’s attention, however, when you can easily prove a major cover up involving multiple government agencies then surely this should be raised to the Prime Minister’s attention?


Furthermore, when the cover up involves HMV & Tesco’s, I would have assumed that Dr Vincent Cable has a duty to look into this not only as my MP but under his duties as the Business Secretary?


When I stated that it is his duty as my MP to look into this, even then, Dr Vincent Cable was not prepared to look into this matter. He stated that he would only look into this, if I had a good lawyer and he explained that good lawyers cost a lot of money.  I explained to Dr Vincent Cable that every time I have appointed a lawyer the authorities have interfered with the lawyer and this was included in my report to Prime Minister David Cameron for a full inquiry into this matter.


Despite explaining to Dr. Vincent Cable that my legal representatives have repeatedly been interfered with by the authorities and I have hard physical evidence to prove this, Dr Vincent Cable once again reiterated that the only way he would look into this matter is if I obtained a lawyer who would liaise directly with him. I outlined that if I was able to obtain a lawyer who was working in my best interests, then I would not have been tried twice in excess of jurisdiction and I would not have been taken through the Court’s when the prosecution did not even prepare formal case papers for the trial. Furthermore, if I could obtain a lawyer, then I would not pleading with Dr Vincent Cable to take this matter to Mr Cameron as due to the overwhelming evidence and due to the  proceedings being a nullity it would be a straightforward matter to clear my name and obtain justice.


I explained to Dr Vincent Cable that one lawyer even levelled me with me and stated that solicitors are officers of the Court, and as such they work for the Court’s first and foremost, then they work for the firm and lastly they work for the client. Furthermore, I explained that there is no form of redress as the Court’s have tried me without any evidence and without having any legal jurisdiction to try me, and then sabotaged both my appeals to the extent where the Court’s did not accept two independent medical reports as proof of illness and to the extent of putting in an appeal on my behalf which was fraudulent (as it was not written by me, it was unsigned and did not contain my grounds). My appeal, contained ten grounds of appeal, but to avoid clearing my name, the Court of Appeal, processed an appeal on my behalf which did not even contain a full ground of appeal and passed it off as my appeal. 


Shockingly, Dr Vincent Cable stated that if I cannot get any satisfaction from this, then he believes I just have to live with it! I could not believe what I was hearing. I was convicted without any evidence and when the proceedings are null and void in law, my opportunity for redress was denied as the Court’s processed an appeal which was not mine and when you bring this to Dr. Vincent Cable’s attention, he states “I guess that you just have to live with it.”


To add insult to injury, when I pleaded with Dr. Vincent Cable explaining that no one in the world should be tried with just 3 days notice and as a moral human being he knows that no one should tried with just 3 days notice, inexplicably Dr. Vincent Cable stated that he does not know this!


Lastly I explained to Dr Vincent Cable that he could easily help and support me with this if he really wanted to and could easily send my report to the Prime Minister, however, Dr Vincent Cable  repeatedly refused to do so and explained that he doesn't believe he can help me with this situation. Then Dr. Vincent Cable got up from his chair, open the door and asked my mother and I to leave immediately.


Why would my local MP Dr Vincent Cable refuse to put pen to paper regarding this matter over the past 7 years, refuse to look into this matter, refuse to pass my report to the Prime Minister and why is he not bothered and not intervening when such serious crimes have been committed against my mother and I?


I can easily prove a major cover up and conspiracy with hard physical evidence involving numerous government agencies who have collectively broken over 40 laws in order to try and get two innocent members of the British public and my local MP turns a blind eye and does not want to even look into it. I believe Dr, Vincent Cable does not want to look into this as I can easily prove every single part of it with 100% conclusive evidence. I was forced to tape record the entire meeting with Dr Vincent Cable as due to the experience of the past 7 years where legal paperwork, legal decisions, offences, facts and matters all changed overnight, the only way you can prove these allegations is with evidence.

By tape recording Vince Cable, it cannot be misunderstood later that my mother & I went to him for help in his capacity of our local member of Parliament and instead of helping, he did the complete opposite by telling us just to live with it. 

     A cover up by the British Government and Authorities   

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